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About John Boulton

About John Boulton

John became technical sales manager for a crop drying and storage company in Lincolnshire, and was responsible for advising farmers and designing crop storage applications across the country, from hop drying in Kent and Hereford, to Grain drying in East Anglia, to hay drying and storage in Scotland.

John was associated with the Agricultural Development and Advisory Service (ADAS) and spent a great deal of time doing development work with the Kirton Experimental Station desiging onion storage facilities. This involved the well known and used method of 3 days high heat and then rapid cooling and drying of the skins that is common on farms today. John became involved and was a major facilitator for his company between EMEB (East Midlands Electricity Board) Agricultural Development Board working on voltage-clipped starters for large electric motors. Today John spends his time poking around inside web sites.



It is John's great ambition to see safe computing and the demise of the anti-virus program, as this will signify home computers coming of age and ultimately, rock solid operating systems. John can advise on keeping your computers and data safe from attack from the myriad threats that present themselves every day. And is available to give advice on safe use of the Internet and Internet scams. John has reported and had many phishing sites blocked and even has a virus variant to his name.

John is available to give informal talks on Internet scams and security and how to pick out the scams from the real thing, what to look for and things to be aware of, including cloned sites, attached HTML, Codec scams, etc. And how to report the various scams to the responsible authorities.

Internet Safety

As a hobby, John is a keen fly angler; targeting several species such as wild and rainbow trout, grayling and some coarse fish. John ties his own flies for any given occasion and takes great delight in standing knee deep in a freezing cold, fast flowing river.